Friday, March 4, 2011

Call of Duty - Black Ops - Berlin Wall trailer - Funny shit!

This is just genius and a must watch!! Its the Berlin wall trailer for the PS3 First Strike maps... and it rocks. It sooo 80's. Watch out for the white dove who learns a lesson about shitting on soldiers and the Scorpions soundtrack is just cheesy in the best possible way - love it! Gotta hand it to Treyarch, they may not be quite as slick as Infinity ward but man they are way funnier!!! Nice one lads! Enjoy. Now... where did I leave that air guitar, hmm...

L.A Noir - New Trailer. Someone call the cops - were being screwed again!

Ok Dick, get out your privates... er I mean - Ok Private Dick, get out your gun... Its time for some crime solving and I don't meant in the game! Check out the latest L.A Noir trailer 'The Naked City - Vice Case" below. Its fast and and it doesn't reveal a whole lot but it still looks cool! This is basically to be one single crime case or mission, which will come in the form of free DLC... Dont get too happy though cos unfortunately its a gamestop only pre-order bonus - which is the biggest crime of all!! Personally I think someone should be shot for that decision, I mean what if Game or HMV or whomever decides to have a different 'mission' dlc as an exclusive?? Do we have to buy a copy at each store just to play the extra stuff? Arg! Wheres my gun... I'm gonna commit a murder!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battlefield 3 - You're in Good Company!

Check out below, some of the first gameplay footage for the oncoming Battlefield 3 - now kiddies, that's not to be confused with the 'Bad Company' Battlefield games, this is a step back to the real BF daddy from the PC days. It looks very realistic and quite immersing, that said so did the new Medal of Honour at this stage... hopefully EA have learned a few lessons since then. It will have single player, co-op and of course multi player modes. As a US marine, single player will have you in different world locations such as Paris, Tehran and New York... so pack your aftershave. It's boasting up to 64 online players on the PC which is cool and is set to come out this Autumn. Now the only question left to ask is... What is Activision going to do? Hmm...