Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sexy Swingers - Top Spin 4 Ad.

Ok, if I had thought tennis could have been this sexy Id have stuck with the lessons as a kid... I'd be knee deep in hot chicks in short skirts playing with my balls and racket, Doh! Ah well, just have to make do with my joystick I guess... Always thought that the tennis 'Grunt' could be put to better use and it looks like it has been here. Serena Williams treats us to some sweaty whacking in the vid below, NSFW btw... Now I know why our own Blindside G insists on sitting in a drak room playing Top Spin 4 for the past week, he even brings tissues with him like a real pro - Oh wait... euwww!

Monday, March 21, 2011

More Dirty Duke... Sex sells!

We'll, Mr. Duke Nukem is no stranger to a bit of smutty behaviour and as ya will see in the vid below, this tradition is set to continue into the future... yay!! It may be immature, it may be ignorant and it may be sexist... but hell if it ain't funny. Enjoy!

Games are going soft...

Aghhh!! Microsoft - stop it, stop it now!! If you watch the video below you will see why my testicles are starting to shrivel up into my abdomen. Microsoft, what are you doing? Your turning our favourite pastime into a retarded cuddly fest. Its all very well and good to widen your audience base but keep in mind you could also lose allot of the people that brought Microsoft to its gaming pinnacle... What next - a pink Xbox 360? Just shoot me now, Arg! If this keeps up I see a much brighter future for the PS3, lately it has been a far more credible platform... and if we wanted cutesy - we'd play the goddamn Wii! Quit it and stick to the loyal audience instead of pandering to the casual mindless masses. Heed my warning!! Wooooo...