Friday, January 21, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever - The Trailer... 12 Years in the making!!

I could go on about how long it took to get this game made or about all the ups and downs it had along the way, but I wont cos I don't give a shit! Duke is back baby and he is gonna rock our world. Then hes goonna chew some gum, if he can find any! Check out the trailer below (censored - Boo!) Bring it on Gearbox... May 6th 2011 - bring it on!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Up the Epic Battle Axe!! Podcast Kings of the Pun!

It is no secret the we here at Reaper towers like drink, metal and a good old podcast to listen to. Its also no secret the our favourite gaming podcast are these guys - Epic Battle Axe. Tony, Daniel and Brent form one of the best podcast teams on the net and their witty game industry analysis will keep you informed and entertained. They just past their 100th podcast a couple of weeks ago (Congrats from all the lads here to all the lads there) but for any that find that they like these dudes of gaming destruction I advise you to go back and listen to some earlier skirmishes also, their just fookin funny! The site itself has a great community where everyone is encoureged to join in, tis good stuff. Check out the 100th podcast below for a taster. Word up, enjoy!

Halo Reach and Black Ops - Mythbusted!

These videos below are great for any Halo or Call of Duty fans, although you may think you know all the 'can' and 'cannot's' in the game I'm sure there will be one or two surprises here. These guys are the Mythbusters of games, you can even give them a myth to test, cool eh! Anyway the lads are 'Defendthehouse' and you can see all episodes on their YouTube page here. Lots of other gaming bits here also but have a peak at the first episode for Reach and Black Ops below. It's good shit!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The PS3 Move Assault Rifle... Heavy Metal Jacket it aint!

The concept of a gun controller to play FPS shooters is one of those great ideas that just never works in reality. It is not impossible to get it right as the SNES and arcade games of the past have proven, but they always feel a bit... gimmicky, and modern technology has not fixed this little issue for now. Below is a vid giving you a quick look at this gizmo in action, the 'CTA Digital's Assault Rifle Controller' and you can click here to go to a review on Kotaku... but let me save ya a trip and tell ya that its an overpriced piece on gimmicky SHIT! Just thought all you gadget junkies should be warned in case you get tempted to try it out - its pants! There really is nothing to replace the good old Joypad (or Mouse and keyboard), is there!? No point in trying to make a quick buck on us gamers with this kind of rubbish, so ya know where to stick that gun, eh Sony?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PS3 and PC meet online... Thanks to Portal 2!

Ok, this shit is the bomb!Portal 2 will be cross compatible online between the PC and PS3, Yep! A PS3 owner will now be able to play and chat with a PC player online. Ain't that great?! But it gets better because if you get Portal 2 on the PS3 (Currently - April 21st, 2011) you will get the PC version free with it... yep, free! Ya hear that Microsoft?? It's all made possible through 'Steam' Valve's game market place and general game platform. Once ya reg up on steam you can slip between platforms to play the game as the steam cloud will hold all your saved progress and you can mix it up between PC and PS3 online play, fookin fab eh!

We have wanted this for a long time and despite the slight advantage that PC players will have by using a keyboard and mouse, it shall render a better experience for all gamers involved... now sort it out for Left 4 Dead please valve. As for Microsoft... stop being so frickin greedy and let some free stuff onto the xbox, like steam... Then perhaps we can get a good old three way going! Wouldn't that kick ass!!Hopefully a fire has been lit under the industry with this and other developers will take heed.
P.S. Valve... I lurrrvv u!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

COD - Black Ops - Map Pack - First Strike - Feb 1st!

Here we go with the Activision rip off plan... four new Multi player maps and a zombie mode map all for the neat price of 1200msp... neat my ass!! That's twice the price of four Halo maps, WTF!! Slightly better than MW2's offerings last year I guess... but still, what extortion! Anyway, if you love COD enough then ya will deffo get these and I have to admit they do look pretty interesting, just have a look at the vid below. The maps will be out on the Xbox 360 on February 1st (2011). PC and PS3 should get it soon after but that date is yet unannounced, tut, tut to exclusives eh. Check below for the map details. Keep an eye on the COD Black Ops homesite here for any updates... Enjoy.

Kowloon - Basically the Hong Kong mission from the single player campaign. Remade with multiplayer in mind but with zip lines and lots of camping positions. Allot of falling to be done I recon!

Discovery - Time for some snow, its a research station but has a deep chasm dividing it with narrow points connecting them, real fortress type stuff. Oh, be careful though the bridges can be destroyed, excellent!

Berlin Wall - World War II makes another appearance in Black Ops with this map, it is East meets west with a turret riddles no mans land... lots of slaughter!

Stadium - A modern complex with lots of close quarter combat and lots of camping potential, get out the shotguns!

Ascension - the Zombie map... no details as of yet but we bet it will have, um, guns and zombies!?

ABC Warriors - The Game!! Metal Death!

Could this happen soon??? Hopefully. Any of you that are old enough to remember 2000AD and the ABC Warriors will wet themselves at the prospect of a modern game including these metal misfits. Those of you who don't... your missing out, Big Time! Bring it on I say!!!

Dead Space 2 - Mommy says NO!!!

A stroke of genius here! With just a couple of weeks left to the arrival of Dead Space 2, the lads over at Visceral games have released the vid below as a promo. It involves a bunch of moms checking out the game and giving their thoughts. Though their dislike for the game is predictable its is still fun to witness... and as they say - its a great way to know if something is good!They hate it... good news for us!