Saturday, November 20, 2010

DiRT 3 Developer Q&A

Although living in the murky realms of 2011, make no mistake Dirt3 is coming,and coming like an out of control freight train going sideways on gravel. Moreover, by telling us that sixty percent of the game play will be based on rally stages just makes me want to make sure I’m on that train. The game will also include Gymkhana, which should be a blast going around Monaco and L.A's coliseum in a rally car..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kinect Launch Ireland & Initial Impressions

Some of the Reaper Gaming team recently attended the Kinect Launch in Dublin. Much fun was had by the Reaper crew (a little too much free alcohol fun for one ExcitingAlien). Being the shy basement dwelling types, we decided to just watch other people make fools of themselves and flay about like mentalists on fire. However, we did get to try out some of the Kinect launch titles, which even the hardest of hardcore gamers would have trouble denying that they're fun to play. Only time will tell whether it turns out to be a gimmick, or whether it'll actually fulfil its potential of being something truly immersive.

Below are some photos from the night. Notable attendees included Fight Like Apes, Steven Cooper (98fm), Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Gary Brennan (RTÉ's FourLive) and 'the guy with the hair from the thing that used to be the Den'. A big 'shout out' to 'Pockets' of FLA - a true retrogamer, Piaras and David at Edelman for inviting us, and our friends at Average Film Reviews & TechTV101.

We've been testing out Kinect for a short while and we'll posting our impressions in the coming days.