Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fable III - Limited Collector’s Edition.

This game has now gone straight to the top of my want list, lets hope it lives up to everyone's expectations.This limited collectors edition looks sweet and that coin could come in handy! The Limited Collector’s Edition is set to offer downloadable content and in-box items wrapped up in a distinctive box created in the likeness of an old book. Contents (as confirmed by Microsoft):

1. “A new quest: Uncover the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and earn the legendary sword, Wolfsbane, deadly against wolves and balverines.

2. “Exclusive location: Unlock a new region, ideal for settling down with a family and discovering new treasures.

3. “Fable III playing cards: Created by Lionhead, these cards depict every type of character in “Fable III,” including Heroes, royals, rebels and villains from across Albion and beyond.

4. “Guild Seal Coin: The coin features a Good side (blue) and Evil side (red) to assist players in making critical decisions that will impact the fate of the world forever.

5. “A new dog breed: Renowned for its loyalty, the Boxer is a brave canine companion worthy of greatest Queens and Kings.

6. “One unique outfit: Unearth one male and female outfit from the mysterious, faraway land of Aurora, a new destination in your “Fable III” adventures.”

Friday, October 15, 2010

Test Drive Unlimited2 - Ferrari Reveal Trailer

Ibiza an island paradise a place where drunken tourists, world class DJ’s and a few small quaint fishing villages all live in peaceful harmony. What most of us don’t think about is racing around in Ferrari’s tearing up the place. But that is what Atari and Eden Games are now showing us with this amazing new trailer for the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited 2. Sweet Jesus this looks awesome! I wonder if the drunken tourists will wander across the streets.Death Race in Ferrari's....yum yum.

Microsoft give you something for FREE! Sorta...

Microsoft are actually going to give you 800msp for Free!! No shit! Oh, hang on, there is some shit... You must first spend 2400msp on Xbox live. Oh, and it must be done within the month of October! You will get your free points at the end of November - if you splashed enough cash previously of course. So I'm not too sure if this is such a great deal, handy if you already planned on buying stuff I guess. If you live in France or Italy, I'm afraid this offer isn't open to you for some bizarre reason... maybe its because u is like ultra European or just better looking than most races?! Anyway, you have been informed... Enjoy your not-so-free-free-msp!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare - October 26th

I told ya, didn't I?!! That's right guys and ghouls the rockstar lads are unleashing their Undead Nightmare on us just before Halloween on October 26th! There is said to be about five hours of single player action. There will be the undead animals to deal with along with four different grades of human zombies including some spitters, ouch! We will get to meet the 'Strange man' again, who is basically the devil and we shall also cross paths with the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, I'm nearly wetting myself in anticipation! Apparently there will be a 'horde mode' where up to four players can team up and defend themselves against loads of dead heads, plus a secret 'new location' to visit. Looks like RDR will borrow heavily from current Zombie titles... and why not once its all arm biting fun eh. All this for 800msp or $10. Check out some of the scenes below, Yee... muhhhahaaaaaa!

Halo Reach - The Noble Map Pack coming Nov 30th

Bungie are not ones to rest on their ass, time is money after all! They have already announced a free co-op add on coming soon for Reach and now a new, not so free map pack - 'The Noble Map pack', due for download on November 30th. It will go for 800msp, (which is allot cheaper than COD maps) and will contain 3 new playgrounds - Tempest, Anchor 9 and Breakpoint. It will also have new achievements adding up to a 250 points gamer score. Check below for picks and the official word about each map.Lots of fun...

"Though we may never fully understand these devices, it is not our nature to leave ancient stones unturned." This abandoned shoreline facility bends both sea and sky to an unnatural purpose, but the ground itself has quickly become another all too familiar battlefield. Though the two opposing symmetrical bases may never reveal their ancient purpose, both now offer makeshift shelter and access to strategic routes perfectly suited for small and large scale skirmishes alike. Tempest supports 8 – 16 players and offers a variety of modes including Free for All, Team Slayer, Team Objective and Big Team Battle. Tempest also provides players with a huge Forge palette, allowing them to create new custom map variants that can be shared with the community-at-large.

Anchor 9"Orbital dockyards provide rapid refueling and repairs for a variety of UNSC vessels." Within the confines of this low orbit dry-dock, UNSC craft undergo rapid repair and rearmament in support of the enduring war effort. But for the small squads of infantry who now fight over the mirrored interior hallways and open central hangar bay, this platform no longer provides any safe harbor – whether the close quarters combat is occurring inside or out of its artificial gravitational field. Anchor 9 allows 2-8 players to face off in game variants including Free for All, Team Slayer and Team Objective.

"ONI officials believe the data buried within this artifact is key to our survival." Atop this icy precipice, the Invasion continues. These modular archaeological labs were never intended to withstand such a large scale onslaught of Covenant military power, but the information being extracted here may prove vital to humanity's survival. In response to the imminent Covenant threat, UNSC ground and air assets have been deployed to bolster entrenched Spartan countermeasures. This dig site must yield salvation, or it will become a grave. Breakpoint offers multiplayer mayhem for 8-16 players, and supports the Invasion and Big Team Battle game variants.

Fable III - Launch trailer - Its the 70's all over again!

Looks like Fable 3 is trying to recreate a real sense of rebellion by using some iconic scenes from our very own modern times, like pulling down the statue of Saddam... oops I mean the evil king! Looks more like a game about crowd control to the uneducated eye, in truth its a game about whatever the fuck Molyneux wants it to be about... and dogs! Check out the nicely atmospheric trailer below... will it be all it promises? Hope so but Doubt it!

Gran Turismo 5 - Dev Interview.

OK race fans! Here we have an interview with two localization producers from the grand old USofA for GT5 for you to get a semi over. They seem to be trying to cram everything you could want in a racing game into one big package, from Karting to a Customizable course maker. NASCAR rears its ugly head for the first time in the Gran series to “appeal to a new demographic” i.e. Beer swilling rednecks. I’m sold where do I sign up. But all this takes time which might explain why the release date of November 1st will come and go with no GT5 in your hands. That’s right GT5 has been delayed again, this time into the murky darkness of “this holiday season”.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare - New Trailer

Yipie-de-do partner, its about to rain zombies on poor old John Marston as we are in for some nice Red Dead single player action... At Last!!! 'Theres Men eating their wives'... and I thought this was a game about zombies!? Check out the latest trailer, its ghoulish and I bet 'coming soon' means Halloween, yeehaw!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call of Duty - Black Ops - New Single player trailer.

Check out this latest trailer for the single player of Call of Duty Black Ops, it looks nice! There's even a lil bit of what looks like 'The Deer Hunter' in there... I recon allot of Vietnam movies will be referenced in one way or another, which would be kinda cool! Wonder if there will be any Rambo stuff... Aidriannnnnn. Opps, wrong movie.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Good Dev Diary

Get ready to hide in the shadows and play with your sword... no this isn't a game of picking up hookers its AC Brotherhood and it will be out next month! In the meantime check out the vid below for the background of what to expect in the story mode part of the game. This also reveals that Rome wont be the only location in the game, we are also going to Spain, woo hoo, Sun, Sea and Sangria...