Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bulletstorm - Load 'a Puke!

What a piss take on the Halo 3 TV ad's, class!!! Loving the genitalia targeting... ouch! Lookin good Bulletstorm... looking good!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kinect - Your Face is the Controller...

In case you haven't heard, Xbox will be releasing 'Avatar Kinect' soon (see second video below). This will basically be a chat show environment where your avatar will simulate all your real life gestures and movements, including facial expressions and lip syncing. The vid below shows a basic overview of how this works and is worth a quick watch. The Kinect is turning out to be a very clever bit of kit but there is a serious lack of good games for it at present. As I've always said the potential is great and this bit of facial mimicking only adds to that but if there are no good games to support it then that's all it is, a clever bit of kit. Oi - Microsoft, start making some good games for this please!!

Play while you Pee! Improve your aim... Jap style!

Here's some Toilet humour for ya... Have you ever been peeing into a urinal and thought 'this would make a great game'?? Then this ones for you ya crazy fruit cake! It would seem that Sega are interesting in putting games in the toilet... I'm not referring to some crappy titles of late, I mean it literally. 'Toylets' is the prototype pissing game that is currently being tested in Japan and involves a screen at eye level for the player and a illustrated pressure pad in the actual pot in order to be pissed upon. The strength and accuracy of the willy waterfall will control the action on the screen... genius eh! There are currently several mini-games available -

Mannekin Pis: Just measures your peeing power. Good for checking the old prostate I recon!
Graffiti Eraser: You can clear paint off a wall with pee, just like you do when drunk!
The Northern Wind, The Sun and Me: This has you lifting a girls skirt with the wind based on the power you pee at. This one could result in more than a pee I recon...
Battle! Milk From Nose: This one is a multiplayer, seriously. It makes milk stream from your characters nose and if you are more milkier than your opponent it will flush him off the screen... bizarre eh!

Graffiti Eraser

Battle! Milk From Nose

The best bit is, if you win you can upload your score to a USB stick!! Ha! Dont forget to wash your hands... and stick! For more detail on this you can go to the Toylet Sega site here.

There is always a money side to these crazy ideas, between games some product adverts will appear. Ya can just imagine the type of products... Cant really see this working in the West, but those crazy Japs love this sort of thing and in fairness it is innovative. Maybe a Ghostbusters game could appear on this... don't cross the streams!!!

Mouse and Keyboard on your Console? Sounds unfair... but good!

Ask any PC gamer why they prefer the PC over the plug and play ease of a console and after a small rant involving terms such as 'WoW' and 'Hard Core' they will eventually admit that its down to one major difference... control. PC gamers hate joy pads for the most part and somewhat understandably so as they lack a certain... accuracy. There is nothing quite as accurate as the mouse and keyboard control system for games, especially when it comes to RTS and FPS multi player. Well up till now it has been a pain to replicate this on a console but we are another step closer to a affordable and practical device in the form of the 'XIM3'. This nifty device is said to be far cheaper than its predecessors ($200ish for older versions) when released and far more stable but currently only supports the Xbox 360, which I'm sure will change if there is the consumer demand for other machines (PS3). You can read all the tecky stuff over at the XIM3 site and you can check out a demo of how it works in the vid below, there are many more to see on the XIM3 site here. It looks nice and has a LED touchscreen display for easy use as seen in the picture below.

Personally I think this is great, Id deffo get it. This does bring up one or two issues though, firstly - does this not kill the whole plug and play side of console gaming? Why not just use a PC to begin with... and secondly - Is it all a bit unsporting to all the people using joy pads? Although mentioning Moder Warfare or Halo and the term 'unsporting' can be painted all over them already!