Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Stuff... Eventually!

Well boys and girls, I hope you had a great Christmas and got to catch up on the mountain of backlogged games over the holiday while avoiding the homicide of the Christmas madness? We are all still feeling a bit full and over liquefied after it all but are keen to start reporting bits and bobs from the gaming world. Unfortunately, there is nothing of real interest to report, sweet FA in fact, how disappointing. Soon we will have some more tasty titles such as Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm ect. But not yet, currently its just 'Dead'. Keep an eye out for more to come though cos once things start movin and groovin we will be on its ass like Wacko Jacko on Bubbles... I mean that in a heterosexual way of course. Now, where did I leave those turkey legs... slurp.