Saturday, May 14, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 - First Trailer's released - Its... Green!

It coming!! That's right, we know by now that Modern Warfare 3 is a deffo, the only question is... will it be as good as MW2?? There are allot of foul mouthed twelve year old's foaming form their pie holes hoping that it will be! If COD Black Ops is any benchmark then the outlook is hopeful once, there are no more surprise court cases (its not impossible ya know, this title is smothered in soap opera like drama).
Although developed by two different divisions of Activision it is likely that they will be sharing trade secrets and Infinity Ward (or whats left of them) have a massive statement to make with this title, its make or break time for the developer, so I imagine they will be throwing everything they have at it... here's hoping anyway!

Check out the official first trailer's below, not allot to see but still, its nice to see something at this early stage, we will be shooting all over the world anyway. We will find out all on November 8th when the game is released and we are sure to see lots more bits and bobs at E3 this Summer. Rumours are running riot of what to expect, from battles in Brooklyn to having missions involving Seal Team 6 - the Osama killers. Kotaku have a nice piece on it here. Lets see how this one unravels... Either way, I recon Battelfield 3 will be shitting in its boots.

Friday Frugal Finding

Once again we seek out the best game deals on the net for this week. We’re a congenial lot here at Reaper Towers, so if you find a deal that you think should be included in our lists or a store that we maybe over looking, feel free to let us know and we’ll cast our one good eye over it.

Brink; PS3 at Amazon UK
£34.43/$55.76/39.50 Euro

This one only made it onto the list this week as we like to bring you the best price on a newly released title. This is Bethesda’s latest offering that puts you on a floating city called the Ark, which is on the “brink” of civil war. It really seems to boil down to sounding like a cross between Haze, with a pinch of Bioshock and some Hippie bullshit you’d normally find in a Final Fantasy game. The initial reviews are mixed to say the least, so it might be worth letting this one hit the pre-owned shelves or bargain bin before you check it out.

Crysis 2; Xbox 360 at Gamestation
£22.99/$37.21/26.38 Euro

The original title is held in great affection by PC gamers as it really pushed the hardware to the limit giving us some stunning vistas and Crysis 2 does not scrimp in this area either. Although there has been some grumbling about the length and difficulty of the single player campaign, it is beautiful looking thing. An FPS for FPS fans that is better looking than a badger in a hat.

Deadly Premonitions; Xbox 360 at Amazon UK
£12.97/$21.00/14.88 Euro

This release from Rising Star Games split the gaming world into two camps and made sure this one became a cult classic. A survival horror that isn’t just another Silent Hill rip off, Deadly Premonitions has a engrossing storyline that blends action and homicide investigation beautifully, all of this is bolstered with some quirky additions such as maintaining personal grooming, a twenty four hour weather cycle and a selection of mini games. A blend of Twin Peaks with some elements of classic survival horror that I really enjoyed, but you will love it or hate it.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm; PC at Game
£17.99/$29.14/20.64 Euro

Most, if not all Warcraft players will have this expansion by now, but if you haven’t been to Azeroth for a while this is one hell of reason to reactivate your account. Deathwing has returned and left the land masses of the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor in somewhat of a mess, on the bright side however it has given Blizzard a chance to revamp the whole of these continents with a shed load on new quests and starting areas. The level cap has also been raised to 85, two new playable races have been added, new race and class combinations and plenty of new raids and instances for you to get your teeth into. Blizzard has out done itself with this expansion and with Blizzcon around the corner, there has never been a better time to come back to WoW.

Donkey Kong Country Returns; Wii at Amazon UK
£34.13/$55.28/39.15 Euro

This weeks list has been a bit on the violent side, so here is something with monkeys…

Hitman 5: Absolution.

Hitman: Absolution follows Agent 47, a cold-blooded assassin, who takes on his most dangerous contract to date. Betrayed by those he once trusted — and now hunted by the police — he suddenly finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a personal journey through a corrupt and twisted world.

That’s right everyone favourite bad-ass baldy assassin is making a come back. The game is set to be fully unveiled at E3 this year. Although no platforms were revealed, it’s rumoured that this will be Agent 47’s debut on the PS3.

Hitman 5: Absolution, will run on IO Interactive's proprietary Glacier 2 game engine

"boasting a cinematic story, distinctive art direction and highly original game design."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reaper Gaming site update...

If you follow this site then you know we, from time to time, hit dry periods... well this isn't such a time! We are actually in the process of making the site better and relocating to a more pro setup than 'Blogger'. As a result we have been busy doing tecky stuff and have missed a few beats... such as the announcement of Modern Warfare 3 and some other general news bits. Just want to assure you this wont continue for long and we will update you when the new setup is complete... so go easy on those 'WTF?' emails please. In the meantime we will try to keep you informed on stuff as much as possible while juggling our own issues. Thanks for your patience and Cheers for your following. Word!

Fallout New Vegas DLC - Honest Hearts trailer

Bethesda are one of the best developers out there for DLC, they gave great content support to Fallout 3 and did it all at reasonable prices (unlike some activision games - ehem!). This looks set to continue for Fallout NV. There are several different add-ons coming, with 'Dead Money' (which is currently available), being the first to hit and you can see in the vid below the trailer for one such DLC - 'Honest Hearts'. It boasts new weapons, terrain, perks and of course baddies.

Heres the Blurb - "An expedition into the unspoiled wilderness of Utah's Zion National Park goes horribly wrong when your caravan is ambushed by a tribal raiding band. As you try to find a way back to the Mojave you become embroiled in a war between tribes and a conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man. The decisions you make will determine the fate of Zion."

Get your shit-kickers on, your gonna be doing allot of walking!