Friday, November 5, 2010

Dead Space 2 - Ring around the Rosie Trailer!

Prepare to be spooked and maybe poo yourself a lil! The singer sound familiar... Bjourk/Bork/BeeOrk or whatever that nutty chicks name is? Or perhaps its just some X factor looser... who cares, it sounds great! Looks fooking awesome!! Bring it on Space Zombies... bring it on!

Half Life Movie - Super Cool!!!

There have been lots of attempts to do a Half Life movie by independent film makers and so far they have been pretty good, here is another one - 'Beyond Black Mesa'. It also looks brill, if perhaps a lil rough on the acting. It was done on a budget of $1,200, over two years. That's pretty good going and with it gaining notice at film festivals this could end up in the cinema... Yay! Just keep the Hollywood fat cats away from it all!!
Our HL hero is nowhere to be seen though - Where is Gordon when ya need him eh? Probably banging that scientist chick before Episode 3 is released. Click Here for the official site and check it out below!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rock Band 3 Squier Stratocaster Priced & Dated

Just gotten Rock Band 3, but that plastic guitar with it's 5 coloured buttons just isn't challenging you enough anymore? Or have you decided you want to be a real guitarist, but don't want to pay exorbitant guitar lesson fees? Well then the wait for you will soon be over ( soon we mean the 1st of March 2011).

The 'Squier by Fender Stratocaster Guitar and Controller' is a full-size electric guitar made from Fender components, including a contoured wood body, 22-fret maple neck, steel strings, enclosed tuners, adjustable bridge and custom bridge pickup. It takes advantage of the new guitar 'Pro Mode' in Rock Band 3, whereby you have to play the notes using the strings & frets combination, just like real guitar.

Away from Rock Band 3, you can use it as a real guitar by plugging it into a guitar amplifier, or use as a MIDI controller in your home recording studio. You can even use it with your video game console and amp at the same time, to really piss the neighbours off.

As mentioned earlier, the release date for the guitar is stated as being 01 March 2011, with pre-ordering from 01 January 2011, but it doesn't mention if these dates are US specific or a general worldwide time-frame. The RRP for the US is $279.99 (around €200), and it requires the Mad Catz Midi Pro Adaptor (sold separately), which may seem expensive, but when you consider what you are getting and the amount of technology & components involved, and if it works as well as they claim it will, then it's quite reasonable in my opinion.

Anway, check out the link to the announcement and video, and make your own mind up. Rawk!

Star Wars Tie fighter game on your iPhone... cool!

Not really into the whole portable gaming personally but this looks like it could be fun for more than five minuets, check out the vid below to see just how clever this lil game is. Shoot Tie fighters down in your surrounding environment, class eh! Wonder if it work with loads of naked chicks as a background... hmm, only one way to find out eh!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gamers - Time to take on the Terminator and save the Games industry!

We posted awhile ago about what the government in California is trying to do to the games industry. It will soon be legal to buy weed in the big C but you can go to prison for selling games to minors... genius eh. As we pointed out before, if California gets hit with this restriction it will influence the game companies to stay away from making mature type games, so kiss goodbye to GTA5!

Its only one state you say! Yes, but what happens on the West coast of the USA spreads to the East pretty quickly and then to the rest of the globe, just look at the 'Smoking Ban'. Freedom my ass!!!

It pains me to say this but it looks like one of my Hero's is partially to blame for allot of this - Oi Arnie - get your ass to mars! Cos your starting to piss us off here on earth. That right, the Terminator is on the case, and is responsible for appealing this with the Supreme Court, which is disappointing, as you would imagine he might be on our side... but hes not! Anyway, for some schooling on the subject check out the videos below courtesy of G4TV, do it! Its important!! Big up to Ted Price from Insomniac games, he is our new T1000!