Thursday, June 2, 2011

E3 - Let the madness begin!!

All seasoned gamers know what 'E3' is because its where we get our first real taste of the goody games to come and quite often 'surprise' announcements are revealed. Its like a gamer Christmas... in the summer... with lots of weirdos doing Cos Play. As a lil run up to the event we thought that you guys and gals would like to see just a few of the hyped games that are set to strip off and run naked at the event so check out the vids below.

Don't forget E3 kicks off for June 6th and will be covered across all gaming news sites. Personally I recommend the following to watch it on - Epic Battle Axe - Giant Bomb - G4TV - and Also, Spike TV will be covering the event in a more 'exclusive' manner. Of course we will also be doing our best to bring you the highlights. God, I love games!!

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